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Request a Client Transcript
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To request a transcript, you will need to input your IRS eServices login information and have a valid authorization (Form 2848 or 8821) on file with the IRS before submitting requests.

To get started with requesting a transcript, click Files on the global navigation bar. Alternatively, you can access transcripts for a specific client at the client level.

Request a Client Transcript

1. Choose Transcripts in the slide-in menu.


2. Click Request transcripts.

Select Sign in to the IRS if needed. To learn more about the new sign-in process, click here.


3. Select the Contact Type. Options include New and Existing client.

If you select New Client, you will need to input the client's name and identify whether they are a Business or an Individual.


4. Search for and select a client in the Client Name menu.


5. Ensure that the SSN/ITIN number is correct.

If an SSN/ITIN number is assigned to a contact already, the number will autofill after selecting the contact in step 4.


6. Select the Organization you want to request with.

If you're not signed into the correct Organization, you'll have to wait until the current session expires and then log in to the appropriate Organization.


7. Select a CAF Number.


8. Add an optional expiration date for the on-file Power of Attorney form.


9. Select Manage forms to choose which forms are requested.


Hover over the information icon to learn more about this feature.


a. Form Types - Click through the options to select forms and the years that you request.

b. Forms - Select the forms you would like to request for this client.

c. Years - Choose the years you want to request.

d. Select all - Click this to select and deselect all options in the section.

e. Save changes - Select this button to lock in the needed forms and years for this and future requests.

10. If needed, select a cadence to repeat transcript requests.

Options include: Does not repeat, Every week, Every month, Every quarter, or Every year.


Hover over the tooltip to read more about repeating requests.


11. Specify a Start and End date.

These options are not visible if Does not repeat is selected in step 9.


12. Click Request transcripts.


Note: Based on your settings when requesting a transcript, you will get a badge/email notification. If a new version is available with a repeating request, you will also receive a notification of that.

Update Which Transcript Forms are Gathered

1. Click Files and select Transcripts from the slide-out menu.


2. Locate the client you requested a transcript for and click the in-line Settings icon (depicted by a cogwheel).


3. Click Manage forms.


4. Select which forms and which years to gather going forward.

  • A green box indicates a selected form and a grey box indicates an unselected form.

  • You can filter the list by clicking on the available form types on the left-side column.

5. Click Save changes.

All automatic transcript requests going forward will only gather the selected forms.

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