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Review Transcripts Documents
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Transcripts can only be reviewed after they have been requested. Refer to the Request a Client Transcriptโ€ article to learn more about requesting a transcript.

Review Transcripts Documents

1. Click Files on the global navigation bar.


2. Choose Transcripts from the slide-in menu.

3. Select a transcript.


4. Select a report or document.

  • Depending on the type of transcript you requested, your options may vary.

  • Click Download All to download all the documents to your computer.


5. Click on the Options menu to see available actions.


6. Select Print, Download, Save to Canopy Files, or Transcripts Settings.

Compare Transcript Documents Versions

If you request Transcripts multiple times for a client, you can compare transcript versions. When compared, it adds indications to the requested documents and highlights the differences between the versions.

1. Navigate to the Transcripts Dashboard in Canopy and select a client who has multiple transcripts requests.


2. Click on Documents.


3. On the left side column, select which version of the document you want to view using the provided dropdown.


4. Toggle the Compare versions switch.


5. Using the Comparing with dropdown, select which transcript request you want to compare with.


6. Differences between the two versions have a blue dot on the navigation column.


Save Transcripts to a Client's Files

You can also save Transcript reports and documents to a client's file folder. To do this, navigate to the Transcripts tab of a client profile.

1. In the Transcripts tab on a client profile, click Save to Canopy files under the Options menu.

2. Choose All reports or Select individual reports.

If you choose Select individual reports, check the box for the report you want to save.

3. Choose a folder to save the report to, and click Save.

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