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Manage Notices From the Tasks List
Manage Notices From the Tasks List
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Notices are displayed on the Tasks Dashboard. All of the information associated with a notice created in Canopy can be viewed from the tasks dashboard. From this dashboard, you can update the status of a notice, view the notice’s progress, and archive notices.

Update Statuses from the Tasks List

1. Click Work on the global navigation bar and choose Tasks list.


2. Filter the tasks list by Task Type to only view notices.

  • Click Task Type.

  • Choose Notice from the filter menu.

  • Click Apply Filter.

3. Click the Status of a notice.

4. Select or search for a status option.

  • Options can include No Status, Not Started, In Progress, Review, On Hold, or Completed.

  • Select Add Custom Status to customize a status for your needs.

    • Enter a name for the status in the text box provided.

    • Slide the color scale to select a color for the status.

    • Click Done.

This will open the Notices Dashboard for the applicable notice.

View Progress from the Notices Dashboard

1. Select a Notice and the Progress chart shows what percentage of the task is complete.

2. Sort the Notices Dashboard according to progress by clicking the Progress column.

This applies to all other column headings including Due Date, Assignee(s), Contact, Notice Title, and Status.

Archive Notices

1. Go to a Notice and click on the options menu of the Notices Dashboard.

2. Click Archive.

  • To restore an archived notice, click open the options in-line with the archived notice.

  • Click Unarchive to restore the notice.

View Archived Notices

Archived notices can be viewed from the tasks list. It may be helpful to filter the tasks list to find an archived notice faster.

1. Click on the options menu.


2. Choose Archived tasks from the dropdown menu.

3. If needed, search for an archived task in the provided search box.

4. Click Move to active for all applicable notice tasks.

5. Click Done.

Print Notice Files

If needed, you can print a notice.

1. Select a Notice and click on the Options menu in-line with a relevant file.

2. Choose Print file.

Print Edited Notice Files

You can print files in notices after editing them.

1. Go to a Notice and click on the options menu in-line with a relevant file.

2. Choose Edit file from the drop-down menu.

3. After making edits, click the Print icon.

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