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Annotate Files in the Canopy Practitioner App [Mobile]
Annotate Files in the Canopy Practitioner App [Mobile]
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Canopy files can be annotated directly within the Canopy Practitioner App. Currently, annotations can only be seen by firm members and are not visible to contacts. Annotations provide an excellent way to communicate with firm members and make any necessary notes on a file.

Note: Only files that have been saved to Canopy Files can be annotated.

1. To get started, navigate to open a relevant file's File Previewer on the app.

2. To begin annotating, click on Annotate under Annotation Modes.

Additionally, in this list, you can click Shapes

to add to the document or the View

tab to view the document.

3. Select an annotation tool to apply to the file.

Annotation Tool


Highlight: Use this tool to highlight text in a document.

Free Hand: Use this tool to draw free hand on a document.

Markup: Use this tool to make quick edits, and annotations, draw, sketch, and make handwritten notes.

Free Text: Use this tool to add a text box to a document.

Smart Pen: Use this tool to highlight without selecting another tool. Areas with text will show as a highlight, whereas areas without text will show as ink.

Note: Use this tool to add a note or comment to a document.

Underline: Use this tool to underline text in a document.

Strikeout: Use this tool to strike out text in a document.

Callout: Use this tool to add a callout to a document.

Selector: Use this tool to select any annotations in the document.

Eraser: Use this tool to delete any annotations you made in the document.

Stamps: Use this tool to place a stamp on a document.

Check: Use this tool to place different colored check marks on documents.

4. Select from the available tools.

Most tools have additional formatting options available on the in-line dropdown menu.

5. Tap on the file to use the selected annotation tool.

6. Select the three stacked dots to view more options.

7. To save changes, select Save on the top left.

8. Once you have saved changes, press X to close.

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