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Track Time in Mobile
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Start a Timer

Please Note: Timers that are started in the mobile app will adhere to your duration calculator settings. However, timers on mobile do not show a start or end time.

If your Default Time Entry setting is set to Duration Calculator, you will be able to view the associated start and end times on the web app.

1. Tap the Global Add Button on the mobile app.


2. Choose Timer from the pop-out menu.


3. Select a Client to assign the timer.


4. Select a Task to assign the timer to.

5. If needed, add a Note.

6. Tap Continue to close the pop-out menu.

7. To pause the timer, tap the Pause icon.

You can press the Play icon on a timer to resume timing.

Save Time on Mobile

After a timer has been created, it can be saved and applied to a task or an invoice.

1. Go to the client record and tap the timer icon.

2. Tap on a timer to edit.

3. Select Complete and save timer.

4. Verify all of the timer information is correct.

On this screen, you can edit the Time Spent if needed. Start and end times can only be altered on the web app.

5. If needed, toggle the Billable time switch.

Only timers that are assigned to contact can be marked as billable time. Billable time can be added to invoices.

6. Choose Save time entry.

The timer will be added to the Saved time tab of the Timers screen.

Edit Timers on Mobile

Timers can be edited whether they are active or saved.

1. On a client record, tap the timer icon in the top right.

2. Tap on My active timers or Saved time.

3. Select a timer to open the edit screen.

Alternatively, you can tap the Options menu for a selected timer and choose Edit.

4. Choose the save option to close the edit screen.

  • If you selected an active timer, you can tap Save changes to keep the timer in your My active timers list.

  • If you selected an active timer, you can tap Complete and save timer to add the timer to your Saved time list.

  • If you selected a saved timer, tap Save time entry to save any edits.

Archive Timers on Mobile

Only Saved time can be archived in Canopy.

1. On a client record, tap the timer icon in the top-right.

2. Select the Saved time tab.

3. Choose the Options menu in line with a relevant timer.

4. Tap Archive.

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