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View Saved Time
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The Saved filter status displays all saved time entries. Saved time entries can be edited, archived, or exported to a CSV file.

View Saved Time

1. To edit a saved time entry, click on the blue Duration value for a relevant time entry.

  • Assign a Service Item, edit the Date, Time Spent, or Note, or apply the time entry to a Task in the edit window.

  • Toggle the Billable switch to indicate whether you want to be able to bill the time entry.

    • The Billable switch can only be activated when a contact is assigned to the time entry

  • Click Update to save any changes.


2. To archive saved time entries, click on the checkbox in line with each applicable saved time entry.

  • Click on the Archive icon to archive the selected time entries.

  • The Archive icon is only visible after selecting time entries.


3. To export saved time entries to a CSV document, click on the Options menu.

Select Export CSV.โ€‹


4. Click on any Client listed in a time entry to view all time entries saved to the client.

You need to click on the Client to add time entries to an invoice.

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