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Complete an eSign Request
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Your tax professional may send you a document that requires signing. You can sign a document from your mobile device by using the client portal application.

Complete an eSign Request on Mobile

1. Log into the Client Portal mobile application and go to the To-Do tab.

2. Choose an applicable eSign request.

eSign requests have the pencil icon.

3. Click View and sign.

4. Tap the Edit pencil to change your signature font.

Once you have selected a font, tap Use this signature.

5. After you read and agree to the document, tap Apply signature and agree.

6. Review the document and tap Complete and send.

Complete an eSign Request with Secure Links

You don't have to have access to the client portal to sign documents. Your practitioner can send an eSign request through email, using secure links.

1. Navigate to the eSign request email from your practitioner.

2. Click eSign now.

  • Take note that the link to eSign expires 30 days from the first time the link was opened.

  • Under no circumstances should you forward this email.

3. Once the browser opens, click View and eSign.

4. Find the green My Signature field in the document.

5. Enter your signature in the Add Your Signature pop-up, then select Add signature.

6. Verify your signature and then click Send.

7. Once the file is successfully sent, you are good to go!

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