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Complete a Fillable PDF
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Your accountant may send you fillable PDF documents to complete as part of a client request. You can complete Fillable PDFs in the Client Portal, which automatically sends them to your accountant. All client requests, including those with fillable PDFs, show up on your To-do list with a clipboard icon.

Reminder: If you are trying to complete a fillable PDF on your phone, visit this article for a walkthrough!

Complete a Fillable PDF

1. Log in to your client portal and navigate to your To-Do list on the left-side column.

2. Select a Client Request with a fillable PDF from the To-do list.

Client requests have a clipboard icon.

3. Review any notes or instructions from your accountant.

4. Click on the attached fillable PDF document.

5. Click on each available blue box and enter the needed information.

Your changes are automatically saved as you enter the information.

6. Click on the Print or Download icons to save a copy of the updated PDF.

7. Click on the X icon to close the file.

All your changes save automatically and send to your accountant.

8. If you'd like, send a comment to your accountant and say that you've completed the PDF.

If you are done, click on the Mark as complete box.

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