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January 2024
Updated over a week ago

The following release notes are up to date as of February 1st, 2024.


Mobile Client Portal Engagements

  • Engagements support is now available in the Canopy Client Portal iOS and Android apps!

Document Management

Canopy Virtual Drive Update

  • Update your drive to see bug fixes for the Virtual Drive.

Time & Billing

Linking to Invoices From Insights

  • Using Insights, you'll see a hyperlink on invoice numbers when they use the 'Invoice URL' field. This link opens up a new tab, takes you to the Invoice table, and opens up the modal for the selected invoice.


Formatting/Styling Options

  • Our team updated options to add headers, change text style, and add lists to the Client Note and Terms & Conditions sections on invoices. Additionally, these same options are in the global Terms & Conditions section under Billing Settings.



Zapier 2.0.0

  • We released the Zapier 2.0.0 integration, to change all calls from contacts to clients to support Canopy's current structure. No new functionality comes with this release. We only mapped the old calls to the new ones so we can deprecate all calls to the old contacts endpoints. You have until July 1st to move your Zaps to the new version.


Task List Performance

  • We released some improvements to the Task List that decrease the overall load time and reduce the amount of data the system has to process. Subtasks load when clicking the expanded menu instead of loading on the main page.

Tax Resolution

Business Organizer Updates

  • We released a few quick tweaks to the business organizers fixing a small typo and also making the Income and Expenses and Balance Sheet sections only show up if a client explicitly selects “Enter the information in the following sections”.

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