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December 2023
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The following release notes are up to date as of December 29th, 2023.


Billing Realization / Client Profitability Liveboard

  • We released a new Liveboard within Insights where you can easily view realization percentages, as well as profitability metrics.

Time & Billing

Account Payment Name Change

  • Account Payments are now Additional Payments! We have released a toggle for Additional Payments so there are less payment errors in the future.


QBO Payments Syncing

  • Our developers released improvements to the QBO sync process, starting with Payments! You'll see the QBO integration will include a one-way sync of Payments from Canopy to QuickBooks Online.

QBO Sync Setup New Clients Toggle

  • We released a small but meaningful improvement to the QBO Sync Setup Experience. You can now choose to toggle a switch on/off when it comes to the sync adding new clients.




  • Go try out Canopy's brand new Engagement experience, complete with an Engagement Builder, Client Acceptance Experience, and Engagement List!

Edit an Existing Client Request

  • You now have the option to edit the name and description of client requests even after they are sent to a client. This is especially useful when practitioners have a lot of communication with clients and they need to give an updated list of what items they need to submit.

Recurring Invoice Dates Improvements

  • Our team pushed out another small change to engagements that sets the invoice dates to match the start and end dates on the engagement. When an engagement doesn't have an end date, recurring invoices dates are set to never end.

Tasks Name Change in Navigation Menu

  • We've changed Tasks in the nav menu to Work since that aligns much better with the overall features available in the menu.


Task Filtering Improvements

  • Our team released the option to filter tasks in the Task Lists by more than two conditions in the task name column.


Tax Resolution

2023 Tax Organizers

  • We now have the 2023 individual and business tax organizers available for use! Refinements included:

    • Revised content to reflect legislative and administrative changes for tax year 2023

    • Simplified wording relating to itemized deductions

    • Squashed a few bugs on the interactive source forms and downloadable PDFs

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