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2. Import Client Data
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Getting Client Data into Canopy is easy peasy!

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We know it can be a little overwhelming to start something new but we are here to break it down (don’t worry, we are not going to rap). Today it is all about exporting your current client data and importing it into Canopy.

Watch Client List Video (about 16 minutes)

This video takes you step-by-step through the client list exporting, importing and mapping process. We also show you some helpful tips and tricks to help you navigate the client list.

Import your client list into Canopy

Don’t forget to:

Complete Fundamental Training sections 1 and 2

(approx. 30 minutes each)

Knowledge is power, and these mini lessons will take you to Canopy superhero status. They will help you get started in Canopy and provide you with a detailed look at the tools to help you set up your client directory. Go to section 1. Go to section 2.

Don’t want to do import your clients yourself? Let us do it for you! Reach out to Support to learn about our options for paid services including help migrating your client list

You have Questions. We have answers.

The Canopy Knowledge Base- This is the home for all of our product articles and how-to videos that will walk you step-by-step through just about anything you want to do in Canopy. You can search at the top of the page or explore each section.

Customer Support: If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Knowledge Base, you can reach our support team through our in-app messenger (click on your icon on the bottom of the global navigation bar and then click Chat with Support) or by calling 1-855-616-7305.

Can't wait to check out the client portal. Jump ahead here.

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