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FAQ | Clients
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What's the difference between a Linked Client and an Important Client?

An important client is a type of linked client. In general, there are three different client types that you can link to a client's record:

  • Spouse

  • Dependents

  • Important Clients

Access to these linked clients depends if your client is an individual or a business:

Individuals: Spouse, Dependents, and Important Clients

Businesses: Only Important Clients

Can Clients be switched from individual to business or business to individual?

Not at this time. The client would need to be recreated and labeled with the correct entity.

Can duplicate clients be merged?

If the client was manually entered twice creating the duplicate, the duplicate will need to be deleted manually.

  • If you find those duplicate clients have information stored in both profiles such as files, the files will need to be downloaded and re-uploaded to the client profile that will be used.

If the clients were brought in through an import, a notification is triggered about duplicate clients and will give you the option to go through the 'merge module'.

  • For Canopy to recognize that two client records are the same, they must have one of the following combinations of identical information from an import. If one of these combinations is not present, then Canopy will not recognize them as duplicates and won't ask to merge them.

    • Name & TIN

    • Name & Birthday

    • TIN & Phone

    • TIN & Email

    • TIN & Birthday

    • TIN & Street Address & (city | zip)

    • Phone & Birthday, Email & Birthday

Can clients be archived and made active once they are needed?

Yes, they can be archived and made active once they are needed back in the client list.


All information will stay with the archived client ie. files, notes, etc., and come back when they are brought into the active list.

Can clients have more than one portal associated with their email?

Yes, the client can be invited to multiple portals with one email address giving the option to toggle between which portal they would like to be in.

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