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Navigating the Client List
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In this article:

  • Use the Client List

  • Apply Filters

  • Save Filter Groups

  • Search for Clients

Use the Client List

The Client List is an organized, filterable directory that allows you to quickly glance at clients or accounts, all in one place.

To view your client list:

  1. Go to Clients

  2. Click Client List.

You can think of the Client List as a big table. Across the column headers on top, you’ll find Client Attributes such as:

  • Name

  • Email

  • SSN

  • City

  • State

  • Entity

  • Client Type

Just to name a few! You can decide how many or what kind of attributes you want to see in your list. To do that:

  1. Click on the three bar icon at the top right of your list to access Customize Client List.

  2. Decide what information you want to be displayed in your Client List by using the checkboxes.

  3. Once you’re set, click Done.

You can also arrange the columns as well. Simply place your cursor over the column name, then click and drag left or right.

You can click on a client’s name to access their client record. If you click on their email, you'll initiate an email correspondence with that client.

Apply Filters

You can make use of Filters to display and perform certain actions on your client list.

Active filters are on found on the top of the Client List.

To Make a new filter click on the dropdown arrow next to a column header

  1. Click on Condition and select one of the options

  2. Add your value

  3. Add any additional conditions

  4. Click apply to sort and filter your list.

To edit a filter, simply click the the dropdown arrow again and make your edits. To remove it altogether, click on clear.

You can remove all filters by pressing reset filters on the top of the Client List.

Keep in mind that different attributes have specific kinds of operators depending on the kind of data. For example, attributes with dates (like birthdays) allow the options for certain date periods or between two specific dates.

Save Filter Views

If you have a collection of filters you want to reference later on, save it as a Filter View. To do this you will click Save Filters at the top of the Client List.

A prompt asks you to name your group. It’s best practice to name it something you’re filtering by.

Click Save.

Your new saved filtered view will appear as one of the tabs at the top of your client list.

Now, if you want to send a newsletter to your newly created group, click on the checkbox in the list header to select everyone, and then click Send Email to send everyone an email! Brilliant!

Search for Clients

As you expand your Client List, you may need to quickly search for a client's record.

To search:

  1. Start by clicking on Clients.

  2. Place your cursor in the search bar.

  3. Begin typing a client's name to search.

You can search by:

  • First or Last name of individuals

  • Company Name for businesses

As you type, Canopy identifies any clients matching your criteria. If you have clients with the same first or last name, it displays both.

Searching is also expanded by telephone number, email address, or even a client’s display name if you have that available.

Once you’ve located your client, click on the record to head into their Client Record.

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