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Features Overview

Add Client

Add a new client to Canopy by clicking Add client.


Manage Clients Within the Client List

Right-click on a client line to Edit client, Manage assignments, Assign client owner, or Archive client.


Search Client List

Now search for clients more easily. Possible results populate as you type within the search bar.


Bulk Actions

With multiple clients selected in the Client List, send Bulk Tasks, Bulk Emails, Bulk Client Requests, Bulk Tax Organizers, and even Add folder templates.


More Actions Menu

And the bulk actions continue! Bulk copy files, Manage assignments, Assign client owner, Tags, Make inactive, and Archive.


Create a Saved Filter View in the Client List

Similar to the process in the Tasks List, you can create custom filters to keep your Client List organized.


Export Filtered Client Lists

The feature we've all been waiting for... Export custom-filtered client lists in one click.



The Client List 2.0 Experience allows users to choose how many clients to view on each page, or even show all clients on one page.


Customize the Client List

Choose which columns to make visible in each Client List from the many attributes of Client, Firm, Business, and Custom Fields.


Edit Filter Views

Preset filter views can be duplicated. Any filter you create will have the options to Rename, Share list, Hide filter view, Duplicate, and Delete. This is also where you can reorder the listed filtered views.


More Options Menu

Export filtered lists, view and manage Inactive clients, view and manage Archived clients, Import clients, and View bulk emails and their history in this menu.

This area also has the option to sort the list by First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name.

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