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Collaborating with Comments
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In this article:

  • Start a Comment

  • Using Comment Features

    • @mentions

  • Like, Edit, and more with Comments

  • Use Comment Inbox and Notifications

Start a Comment

Comments are great when you want to:

  • Collaborate with your colleague about a process.

  • Pose a specific question to team members.

  • Communicate about a client without having to assign a task or subtask to a colleague.

To start a chat thread:

  • Click on the Inbox tab in the global navigation bar

  • Select an email of interest

  • Navigate to the right-hand side

  • Select the area with the conversation bubbles

The thread space flies out and you can start leaving comments by typing in the message bar at the bottom. Once you finish your message, press enters or return on your keyboard or click the Send button next to your message.

Just like a modern-day text message, your message pops up into a bubble, into the conversation space.

Using Comment Features

You have several tools and options to make the most of Comments.


To ping or tag other team members or teams, use the @ symbol to view a list of your team members. Just start typing a colleague's name to filter down until you find the right person. Or you can simply click the team members from the list.

Repeat this process for each additional team member. You can @mention teams, which may save you some time instead of @mentioning each person. You can add as many people as you need!

@mentioning adds colleagues or teams to the conversation thread. If you had any comments in the thread before you invited your colleague, they can see the entire conversation thread.

When you send this message, it sends a notification to those team members. Now, the team members you selected are part of the conversation!

Mark Urgent

For important messages, you can use the Mark Urgent option, located underneath the send button. This marks your message with a ! (exclamation) icon on your message and alerts all team members as part of the chat thread.

Remove Participants and Turn off Notifications

At the top right three dots icon, you can manage participants and choose to remove them.

  1. In the menu, select Participants.

  2. Next, click the (-) subtract icon next to the person’s name.

They are now removed from the chat thread and will not see the contents of the conversation anymore.

At any time, you can choose to turn off notifications for this thread.

Like, Edit, and more with Comments

After you’ve sent a comment, you have some more options!

Hover over a comment you sent in the chat space. Then click on the three dots icon that appears. In the menu, you can:

  • Like Comment: Show your appreciation for a comment with a digital thumbs-up

  • Mark as Complete: If the comment had a request for a team member, you can keep track of its completion.

  • Mark Unread: If you wanted to keep a comment marked as unread. This keeps a red line with it marked “new”

  • Set a Reminder: If you’re busy at the moment, you can set a reminder to come back to it later.

  • Edit Comment: Send a Whoops along with your comment. It happens. You can edit it and save the revision.

View the Comments Inbox

As you start sharing comments across multiple emails or contacts, you can find all chats you are part of in the Inbox section, under the Comments tab.

Like your Email Inbox, all chats are displayed on the left. Clicking on one opens the chat space on the right. Here, you can quickly navigate between threads.

The conversation thread contains:

  • Contact Name associated with their email

  • Email the Comment is based on

Each is hyperlinked to the Contact Record and Email respectively.

You can sort comments from oldest to newest or vice versa. You can also filter comments.

In the filter menu, you can filter by:

  • Start and End Dates

  • Contacts

  • Team Members

  • Or Email Accounts

Lastly, you can also search through comment threads using the search bar at the top. It searches through any keywords or names in all of your threads.

Adjust Comment Notifications

To wrap up, let’s comment about comment notification preferences (see what I did there?).

You might be the type that doesn’t want notifications flying at you like a squirrel caught in a wind chime. We get it. You can adjust notifications for comments by:

  1. Clicking your profile picture or initials

  2. Select Settings

  3. Click Notifications on the left-hand side

  4. In the list, click on the Comments dropdown.

In this list, you can see at which times you would receive a notification. Note that notifications can be:

  • Banner

  • Badge

  • Or Email

By default, all notifications are selected with all three options. But you can mix it up with what is best for you.

Canopy Tip!

We recommend leaving the notifications about urgent comments on with at least one alert channel. This ensures you stay on top of those situations that might be critical to your firm.

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