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Assign Access and Permissions
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Viewing Canopy's Default Permission Sets

All Canopy users have access to six (6) preset permission sets that can be applied to team members. You can create and tune your own permission sets with custom access to fit your specific needs.

Only Admin, and Admin (No Billing) users can assign permission sets to team members. A list of the permissions assigned to each set can be accessed within your Canopy settings.

To get started, navigate to your Settings in Canopy.


1. Select Access and Permissions from the navigation column.


2. Select a Permission Set to view.


3. Scroll through the permissions toggles to view the permissions assigned to the selected set.

  • Green toggles indicate permissions to the selected permission set has access to.

  • Grey toggles indicate permissions the selected permission set does not have access to.

4. Click Done to return to the Access and Permissions page.


Assigning Permission Sets to Team Members

1. Navigate to your Settings in Canopy.


2. Select Team Organization from the left-side column.


3. Click on the Permission Set dropdown menu in line with a relevant team member.


4. Select a Permission Set from the dropdown menu.

  • At least one team member must be assigned to the Admin permission set.

  • For information about creating a custom permission set, refer to the Customizing Roles and Permissions article.

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