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Apply a Billing Credit to an Invoice
Apply a Billing Credit to an Invoice
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After you Create a Billing Creditโ€, you can apply the credit to an invoice associated with the client.

Credits can also be made by accepting an additional payment. Then, you can apply those additional payment credits to an invoice as well.

Apply a Billing Credit to an Invoice

1. To get started, navigate to the Credits dashboard.


2. Click on the Credit # of a relevant billing credit.

Credits that have been paid for and have collected money (such as Additional Payment Credits) do not have a checkbox icon next to them.

  • You cannot delete credits that have collected money; therefore, you cannot select them for any bulk actions.


3. View the Credit information and history.

  • Here you can see whether payment has been collected for the credit or it was created by a team member.

  • The credit history and information modal also displays where the credit has been applied previously, and how much of the credit remains.


4. Click the Add to invoice button.

  • Alternatively, you can Void or Refund the credit by clicking the More button.

  • If needed, Edit, Download, Print, or Delete the credit by clicking the corresponding icon.


5. Select an open Invoice from the Invoice # dropdown menu.


6. Input a credit amount in the Amount to Credit box.

You must input an amount equal to or less than the Credit available. If you try to input a number greater than the Credit available, the amount automatically resets to the total Credit available amount.


7. Click Apply credits.

  • The credit is applied to the selected invoice and the Amount to Credit is subtracted from the balance.

  • The transaction is recorded on the credit's information and history modal.

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