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Manage Billing Credits
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Once a Billing Credit is created, it is stored in the Credits dashboard. If you need to remove a credit from your dashboard or from an invoice, you can delete them.

Delete or Remove a Billing Credit

1. To get started, click on Billing in the primary navigation bar.

2. Press Credits from the slide-in menu to enter the Credits dashboard.


3. Click the checkbox next to a saved Credit. Once you do this, a trash can icon appears on the top-right of the dashboard.

You can select more than one Credit at a time by selecting the checkboxes.

4. Press the trash icon to delete the Credit.


Afterward, the Billing Credit is deleted and moved to the Deleted Credits tab in the dashboard.

Heads-up! If one or more Credits you want to delete have been applied to an invoice, deleting the credit removes that credit from the invoice!


For example, say a client has an outstanding invoice for $500 and you applied a credit for $200 towards the invoice for a balance of $300. If you deleted the credit, the credit is removed from the invoice and the balance is $500 once again.

You can also delete the credit by clicking on the credit number (#) and in the Credit window, click on the trash can icon.


Activate Deleted Credits

If you ever want to activate or restore deleted Credits, you can do so in the Credits dashboard.

1. In the Credits dashboard, click on the Deleted Credits tab.

2. Select the checkbox for the desired Credit.

3. Click Move to Active.


This activates the credit and moves it back into the Credits dashboard. It can now be used to apply to invoices.

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