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Enter Payments
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Take Note: Only users who sign up for Canopy Payments under an Organization entity can manually enter client payment information.

Managing payments in Canopy through the Billing feature allows you to better track invoices and clients' billing information. Payments can be entered manually or processed using Canopy Payments.

Enter Payments

1. Click Billing and find Payments on the secondary navigation menu.


2. Select Add payment on the Payments dashboard.


3. Search for the client who is making the payment.


4. Select the Payment type.


5. Select an outstanding invoice to which the payment will be applied.


Enter an amount in the associated Amount to be paid box to add a partial payment.


6. In the Additional Payment information, add a payment not associated with an invoice by toggling the switch on.

These are typically used for pre-payments, retainers, or non-specified payments made by your client. You can learn more about these in the Make an Additional Paymentโ€ article.


Be sure to add a description and amount in the provided fields.

7. Click Continue to add payment information.


8. Select a payment method.

  • You can select from any previously saved payment options, or select from the new options.

  • New payment options include: Credit Card, ACH, Cash, Check, and Other.

  • If you are not enrolled in Canopy Payments, you will only see the Cash, Check, or Other options.


9. Enter the payment information in the provided boxes.

  • Information fields will vary depending on the payment method you select.

  • When processing a card payment, be sure to include the Card number, Expiration date, CVV, Name on card, Address, and Billing zip code.

  • Click add a note, to enter any comments for the payment such as reference number.

    • Reference numbers are for internal use only.


10. Click Continue to go to the confirmation modal.


11. Review the information and click Confirm and pay.

  • When the checkbox is selected, Canopy will send your client a receipt for the payment.

  • If anything is incorrect, click Back to correct the information.


12. Select Done.

  • You can quickly enter additional payments by clicking Make Another Payment.

  • Print or Download the receipt by clicking the associated icons.

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