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Set Up Recurring Payments
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Recurring Payments allow you to set a cadence of scheduled payments toward a client's recurring invoice. For help creating a recurring invoice, click here.

Please Note: If you sign up with Canopy Payments under an Individual entity, you are not able to save client payment information. Therefore, the recurring payments feature will not be available to those users.
To set up recurring payments, you must be enrolled in Canopy Payments.

  • The recurring payments toggle cannot be activated until a Client Name has been assigned to the invoice.

  • Time Entries cannot be added to invoices that have recurring payments active.

  • Surcharging is not available for recurring payments. You still assume all fees for these payments.

Set Up Recurring Payments

1. Click on the Global + Button and select Payment from the slide-in menu.


2. Search for and select a Client to apply the payment to.

You must have a Recurring Invoice‍ set up to apply the payment to.


3. Select Recurring payment from the Payment type dropdown.


4. Choose a recurring invoice in the Select recurring series box.

The payment series will only apply to future invoices. Previously sent invoices will require a one-time payment entry to pay off.


5. Use the Pay on dropdown to charge the payment on either the Due Date or the Invoice Date.


6. Click Continue.


7. Select a Payment method for the payment.


8. Click Continue.


9. Confirm the payment information and click Schedule.

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