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Get to Know the Productivity Dashboard
Get to Know the Productivity Dashboard
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The Productivity Dashboard provides an overview of hours spent working on tasks. From the dashboard, users can quickly locate Active or Completed tasks, view relevant time entries, edit budgeted time, and filter tasks by date or contact.

Navigate to the Productivity Dashboard

1. To get started, click Time on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Productivity from the slide-in menu.


3. See a snapshot of Total hours worked, Billed hours, and Unbilled hours at the top of the dashboard.


4. Click on the dropdown menu to switch views between active and completed tasks.


5. Click on a Task name to navigate to the individual task dashboard.


6. Click on a Contact name to navigate to the Tasks page of the contact profile.


7. Click Subtasks, Assignee Hours, or Service hours to view the relevant data for each task.


Set Time Budgets From the Productivity Dashboard

You can edit the allotted time budget for a task from within the Productivity dashboard. To get started, navigate to the Productivity dashboard.

1. Click on the Options menu in-line with a relevant task.


2. Choose Set budget from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you can click View time entries to view all saved time entries associated with the task.


3. Enter the desired time budget into the Task budget box.

This is where you can also input budget hours for subtasks.


4. Click Save.


Sort and Filter the Productivity Dashboard

The productivity dashboard can be sorted and filtered according to Due date or Contact. To get started, navigate to the Productivity dashboard.

1. Click on the Filter icon.


2. Click on the Due date dropdown menu and select a relevant due date.

When finished, click Apply.


3. Click on the Search contacts box to filter by contact.

  • Input a Contact name into the search box.

  • Click the Checkbox in line with the relevant contact and click Done.


4. Click on the Sort by dropdown menu to change the sort properties.

Options include Next due date, Contact (A-Z), and Contact (Z-A).


5. Click Apply to apply the sort and filter options to the Productivity list.

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