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View Collections Analytics
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First Things First: The Client Survey should be completed before using Collections Analytics.

View Collections Analytics

1. Click Work on the global navigation bar.


2. Click Resolution Cases on the slide-in menu.

3. Click on Resolution Case Name.


4. Select Collections in the Work tab.


5. Choose Analytics.


Edit the Amount of Taxes Owed

On the Analytics screen, an amount will show under Federal Taxes Due.

1. Click the edit icon next to the Federal Taxes Due number.


2. Type the adjusted amount in the textbox, then press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

  • The adjusted amount will save.

  • A notification will display in the bottom left corner notifying you that your changes have been saved.

Review Resolution Options

1. Click on Payment Plan to access a Payment Plan Breakdown.


2. Click on Currently not Collectible to access a Currently Not Collectible Breakdown.

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