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Create a Notice
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In-App Guide: You can follow an in-app guide toCreate a Notice by clicking here.

Adding a new Notice in Canopy is simple. Notices can be added by using the global add icon in Canopy.

Add a Notice From the Global Add Button

You can add a notice for any contact in Canopy without disrupting the rest of your work.

1. Click on the Global Add Button.

2. Choose Notice on the slide-in menu.


3. Click the Client field.

  • If needed, type a search for a Client in the search bar.

  • Select a client.


4. Click the Notice Type field.

  • If needed, type a search for a Notice Template in the search bar.

  • To edit a notice template, refer to the Using Notice Templates article.

  • Select the applicable option.


5. Click the Assignee(s) field.

  • Type a search for the team member you wish to assign to this notice.

  • Select the applicable name.

  • Click Done.


6. Click the Due Date field.

Select a date from the calendar.


7. Enter a value in the Budget hours field.

8. Select a Priority in the drop-down.

9. Use the text box to enter a description.

Most notices come with their own description but you may want to add additional notes here.

10. Toggle on Tax preparation fields if needed.

11. Click Create and manage or Create and close.

The Notice will display on the Tasks list and in the Tasks tab of the contact's profile.

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