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May 2023
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The following release notes are up to date as of June 2nd, 2023.

Time & Billing

Payment Facilitator Migration (Phase 2)

  • This month, we invited you to switch to our new payment facilitator in your Canopy Billing Payment settings, while still being able to process payments with our previous payment facilitator. We successfully completed the second phase of the Payment Facilitator Migration, providing you with a smoother payment experience.

Auto Linking Time Entries to Recurring Invoices

  • We introduced an automated option that links time entries to recurring invoices when the service item/contact on a recurring invoice matches the service item/contact on a time entry. This feature saves you time and streamlines your invoicing process by eliminating the need for manual linking.

Team Member Productivity Enhancements

  • Our team added the ability for users to WUWD at the time entry-level, even with grouped line items on an invoice. Previously, this capability was limited to separate line items only. Additionally, we provided the option to view more time entry details within the invoice and choose to display those details to your clients, enhancing your team's productivity and facilitating comprehensive communication.

Document Management

Document Retention Rules

  • We released a feature that allows you to choose when a document is automatically archived. With this release, you can preserve data for a specified period, which can be set as a number of days/years or indefinitely. Stay on the lookout for this feature, as it provides greater control and organization of your documents.

Client Management

AI For Email

  • We released AI for email drafting, bringing you the power of artificial intelligence to assist with all your email composition needs. Stay tuned for more exciting applications of AI in Canopy as we continue to enhance our platform.


Transcripts Authentication Flow Changes

  • At the end of last year the IRS informed us that we must change the way we connect to their transcripts service.

Scheduled Requests Dashboard

  • We have created the Scheduled Requests list to help you identify scheduled transcripts requests that are ready to be sent to the IRS.


🪲 Other Releases/Bug Fixes

Time & Billing

Invoice Search

  • We have completed work to allow users to search for specific invoice numbers within the Invoices table ('All Invoices' tab) and the Saved Time table. To do this you just need to click on the Invoice # column and type in the invoice number you are looking for!



Android Client Portal App 1.15.3

  • For your clients, the Client Request experience will show files that are broken out into their own tab, and status flags are clearly called out.

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