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March 2023
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The following release notes are up to date as of March 31st, 2023.


πŸ’° Surcharging on the Client Portal App

  • Our team launched surcharging for the Client Portal App (both Android and iOS) to go along with the web surcharging option released in February 2023.

Client Management

πŸ” Deleted Contacts in the Activity Log

  • We launched a new action in the Activity Log to show which contact was deleted, by whom, and when.

Document Management

πŸ”’ Secure Links: File Uploads

  • We've released the option to share a secure link to upload necessary files without signing into the Client Portal!

  • Your clients can do this by following the steps in the Upload Files Using a Secure Link article.

πŸͺ² Other Releases/Bug Fixes

Document Management

Share File Permission

  • Our team added a new user permission for sharing file links. You now have the ability to control which team members can share file links. All Admin, Staff, and Custom roles have this permission enabled by default.

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