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Import and Manage your Clients
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In this video:

  • Export current client list and Import into Canopy

  • Explore the Client List

  • Add a New Client

Import Client List into Canopy

1. Export CSV

The first step is going to be exporting your list from your current software. As this varies a little from software to software, we've created a helpful resource that will help you identify the steps you need to take. Check out that list here.

2. Review the file and prepare

First make sure the file is a CSV file. Some softwares may export it in an XML format. Here is a guide on how to convert that file using Excel.

Next review the data to minimize errors in the import process.

Contact type is a required field on import. You can choose from the following client types: Client, Prospect or Other. Contact first and last name is also required for individual clients.

  • You want to ensure first that each line in the spreadsheet is a separate client. You can include spouses on the same line, they will need to have their information in separate columns with headers that begin with Spouse (Spouse first name, Spouse last name, Spouse phone number etc.)

  • Create separate spreadsheets for individual clients and businesses . In Canopy clients are organized into two separate categories, so you'll want to separate clients from business and import them separately.

  • The first row in your spreadsheet is going to represent your headers, and you want to make sure that you have the correct headers at the top of each column.

  • You can use a Canopy template linked here. This template has all of the available headers that will align with attributes in Canopy. You don't have to use all of these and you can also include your own custom fields.

  • Pay attention to formatting. For example items like social security numbers should be formatted as xxx-xx-xxxx. The same goes for dates: MM/DD/YYYY, etc.

Please Note: Using the canopy templates help you match the headers to your data, will make the next steps even easier. One thing to pay attention to is capitalization. You'll notice on the template the first word is capitalized, but sequential words are not. Paying attention to these details takes a little extra time right now, but will save you a lot of work later on.

Once this looks great and you've gone over and reviewed your information, go ahead and save as a CSV.

3. Uploading .csv

In Canopy:

  • Click on Clients in the global navigation bar.

  • Click on Client List.

  • Click on the three dots next to the blue Add Client button at the top right corner.

  • Select Import Clients.

  • Select previous software or other.

  • Chose the type of client you are importing: Individual or Business.

  • Upload your file from computer.

  • Once you're good to go, click Next.

4. Map Attributes

Here is where you will map the attributes and match up the headers to attributes within Canopy. This is why it's so important to have the right header set up before this point. You have two options: use the Canopy template, which matches the headers and attributes based on what it can best understand or you can manually map them matching each one yourself. We recommend using the Canopy templates as it will save you a lot of time! Click map.

At the top are the headers you typed in the top row of your spreadsheet, and it will match to Canopy attributes below. Double check and make sure these match. You can always change them if something looks wrong. It will show in blue at the top once it has been mapped correctly.

If you have columns that have not been matched to a specific attribute in Canopy you can select a Canopy attribute or create a custom field.

  • click on the little arrow next to pull up all of the different attributes within Canopy and select the appropriate one.

  • Or, you can create a custom field by scrolling to the bottom and click add custom field. Add a name to add it to your list.

  • You can also dismiss any attributes you do not want to import.

Once all your attributes have been mapped click Validate and import.

You will receive an email once the import has been finalized.

Best Practice: We suggest saving your mapping as an import template. This is really helpful if you're going to import another list with these same attributes. Next time you upload you can use the template for quicker mapping!

The Client List

Your client list is your one stop shop to view and edit all of your clients.

One of the great features of the client list is the ability to customize and filter.


  • Click on the three bar icon at the very top corner of the client list.

  • You can select what information displayed in the client list. For example, you may not need to see the client's middle name, but I would like to see their email address.

  • Click done and your client list will reformat with the information you selected.

  • You can also move each columns by clicking on it and dragging it to the spot desired.

  • To resize it hover over in between two columns until your curser changes, click and slide left or right.


You can filter any column in the client list:

  • Click on the arrow next to the attribute name.

  • Filter alphabetically by sorting A-Z or Z-A.

  • Or select a condition and add a value.

So for example, let's say you wanted to filter by a state. You go to the column listed state and click on the arrow for the filter drop down menu. You can either sort these alphabetically or you can filter by something that contains, shows all blank, or starts with. To see all your clients in a specific state selcet Contains and then type the name of the state in the value.

Save Filter

You can save filtered lists. Once you have the filtered list displayed in Canopy an option at the top appears to Save (number) filter. Click Save, name it and it will appear as a tap on the top of the list.

Bulk Action

Select a group of clients, either by filtering or selecting all by selecting the check box at the top of the client list. Once you select any number of clients you will notice that the bulk actions icons pop up right here.

You can:

  • Create a bulk Task

  • Send an email

  • Send a client request

  • Send an organizer

  • Add folder templates

  • Bulk copy files

  • Manage assignments

  • Assign client owner

  • Tag

  • Make Inactive

  • Archive

This is really helpful in streamlining your process and making it easy to interact with multiple clients in one easy action.

Adding a New Client

You that you can also easily add a client from the client list.

  • Click the blue Add a client button.

  • Choose individual or business,

  • Start adding in the details about this client.

    • One thing to note is this active box right here. When this is turned off, the functionality of your client record is going to be reduced to notes and email sync, and they are not going to count towards your client billing tier.

  • You will want to make sure you have an email, and this will come in handy as you are communicating with the client and when you invite them to the client portal.

So once you've added in all their information, you're going to create and manage, and here you will be directed to their client record.

Client Record

The client record is where you can view and edit your client's information and view their files, task and so much more.

At the top is client info. If you need to edit this information at any time, you can do so by clicking the pencil icon.

Add a spouse to an individual's client record:

  • Scroll down on the left side until you see Spouse.

  • Click on the + button.

  • Type the name. If it is an existing client you can click on the client, or you can create a new client.

Up at the top the the client record are several different tabs that will help you to manage your clients including: home, communication, notes, files, tasks, resolution cases, organizers, billing, and time entries. Several of these tabs also have mini dashboard on the home page.

At the very top, you'll notice that you have a little blue button with a + next to a little guy. If you click on that button you can assign team members to different roles.

So you can add a new role here. You can look at templates, but you can see here there are several different team members that are assigned to this client.

Support and Knowledge Base

If you had any questions that came up while watching this video, please reach out to support. When you click back on your profile icon, you will see a button at the top to chat with support, which will open up a little window. You can also reach them by calling this phone number during their open hours: 1-855-616-7305.

Another great tool is our Canopy help center. By clicking on the little graduation cap you will open up all of the different resources that we have for you. You can do a quick search at the top for any in-app guides or help articles. You can also go directly to our Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is a great resource where you can search and find articles on all of the different feature within Canopy, as well as guides for your clients and anything new coming into Canopy.

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