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Creating Client Portal Invitation Templates
Creating Client Portal Invitation Templates
Updated over a week ago

Standardize client portal invitations across your firm with client portal invitation templates.

What's in this Video

  • Create Client Portal Invitation Templates

  • Apply Client Portal Invitation Templates

Create Client Portal Invitation Templates

Client Portal Invitations contain a message in the initial email to clients - where they will find login info.

It could be helpful to provide standardized email message when inviting your firm’s clients to the client portal. For example, you might include instructions for what they will see in the client portal or an explanation of how it’s used to exchange information with them.

It might also be useful to make a template with info that they will also see at the client portal login - just to ensure the information is absorbed!

To create this template:

  1. Go to Templates.

  2. Click Client Portal Invitation in the list

  3. Give it a template name

  4. Indicate if you want to share this with your team or keep it private.

  5. And then type your message.

  6. Then click Save.

Apply Client Portal Invitation Templates

Client Portal Invitations only apply, well, to client portal invitations.

To apply:

  1. Go to Clients

  2. Select Manage Client Portals

  3. On the next page, on the left pane, select Without Client Portals.

  4. Select a client in this list

  5. Next to Client Portal, let’s select the + button.

In the client portal window, let’s select that individual and include a message.

Now, we can apply that template we made. The text box populates with your message. Now, you’re ready to send!

Send Client Portal Invitations Templates in Bulk

You can also apply the same client portal template to many clients as well. Let’s go back to:

  1. Go back to Clients

  2. Click Manage Client Portals

  3. Select Without Client Portals

  4. Select clients that have not been invited

  5. At the top-right, in the Bulk Actions menu, select Send Invite.

It’s the same process as before - toggle on the personalized message and click Template to apply your template.

Now each client selected (with an email) is sent an invitation with that same message.

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