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Create an Engagement Item Template
Create an Engagement Item Template
Updated over a week ago

In this Article:

  • Creating an engagement item template

  • Using the template in the engagement builder

If you are looking for a way to make your life a little easier and simplify the engagement creation process you have come to the right place. Creating templates in canopy only takes a couple minutes and can save you a ton of time as you onboard clients or begin new projects!

Create an Engagement Item Template

  • Go to Templates.

  • Click on Engagement item. Here you can see any templates you have created, or drafted.

Heads up! If you have already created a template you can click on the three dots at the end of the row and choose to either edit, duplicate or delete this template. This is helpful if you have updates to your item rates or terms, or if you want to duplicate one you have already created to start working from.

You can of course create a new one which is what we are going to do now!

  • Click the Create New button at the top of the window.

  • You will start with an Engagement item name.

  • Select the Service item and choose the rate and rate type either by hour or by item.

  • You can also include tax due with invoice.

  • In the text box below add a Description.

  • In Billing Details you will choose a frequency from the dropdown menu.

    • You can choose between weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, upon acceptance or upon completion.

  • In Terms you will use the text box to enter the terms for this item.

  • Finally you can also add tasks. The tasks will be initiated once the engagement is accepted. You can use the dropdown and search bar to select one of your task templates. If you would like to learn more about how to create task templates you can watch this video here.

When you are done you can Save, or Save as a draft.

Now in your templates list you can see the template you just created. Let’s put this to the test and create a new engagement to see how much this simplifies the process.

Use an Engagement Item Template

You can start an Engagement by either clicking on the global plus button and then Engagement or from engagement list by clicking on Tasks and then Engagement List and then clicking on the blue button in the top corner to create new engagements.

  • You will start by entering the Engagement name and date and Client details on the first page.

  • When you get to Engagement item go ahead to click on templates. Use the dropdown to find the template you just created.

  • After you select it you will notice all the fields are now filled in with the information from your template. You can add an additional engagement item and use a different template and continue to do this until you have all the items you need!

You can make any edits you need to on this window and move onto Billing and Payment.

Once this looks good you can continue to Terms. You will notice in the terms window your service terms are also added from this template!You will need to put in your general terms, but guess what you can create a template for this as well! If you haven’t created one yet you can do that by going to Templates and then Letter.

Finally you can go to Tasks. Any tasks associated with the engagement items template will show up here. You can also add additional task templates by selecting the add task template button.

And just like that you have created a beautiful masterpiece! What a great way to save time and energy!

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