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Create an Engagement
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In this Article:

  • Create an engagement using the engagement builder

  • Client acceptance process

Create an Engagement

Engagements will help you go from Proposal to Payment, faster. It is a great tool to help you keep track of the work you are doing for a client, allowing you to seamlessly interact with your clients, and allow them to easily view service terms, rates and even make payments in one easy place!

Get Started:

  • Click on the global plus button.

  • Click on Engagement.

Engagement Details

Here you will be prompted to enter in the engagement details.

You will notice blue asterisks next to Engagement name and client. These are the two fields required within the engagement.

  • Enter Engagement name.

  • Enter the Start date and End date.

  • In the Client field you can search existing clients

    • Or click Create New Client to add a new client.

    • Select the type of email address using the dropdown and type in their email address. You will want to double check to make sure you have the email typed correctly, as you will be able to send the engagement from this window later.

  • Under Assignee(s) select any team members you want to assign this engagement to.

  • Under Signer(s) choose who you want to sign the engagement.

    • You may want to add an additional signer like a spouse by clicking on + Add new signer.

You will notice once you have entered in all the appropriate information a green check mark will appear next to Engagement Details. You are ready to move on to the next section!

Engagement Items

Click on Engagement items.

Here you will add items that will be displayed as a service item on the proposal.

  • In Engagement Item type in item name, or use a template.

  • Next you will choose the service item. You can choose from the drop down which will populate the rate based on your settings. You can adjust the rate, rate type, billing frequency and tax percent due with the invoice in the next boxes.

  • In the text box you can enter a description of the item.

Billing and Payment

In the next section we will add our billing details. You will noticed that whatever you selected as your billing frequency in the screen before will populate here. You can adjust these settings including how often the client will be billed.

You want to pay attention to the dates in the row below. Here you will select an invoice date and when you would like it to end. You can choose after a specific number of invoices, on a specific date or never.


In the last section we are going to put in terms.

First is General Terms.

  • You can type your own into this box or you can select from one of your templates using the drop down menu. These templates are found and created under templates then letter templates.

  • You have the ability to change the formatting using the tools above the text box.

You will do the same thing for the Service Terms below.

Heads up! If you used a template for your service items, your terms will be populated and added from your template. You can always edit and format them here too!

Send to Client for Review


Engagements now have task automation! In the last tab you can add a task template.

  • Select the task template from the dropdown menu. Task templates can be created in the templates menu under task learn more here. If you have used an engagement item template the task template associated will auto populate here.

  • Select the engagement item - These items are reflected from the engagement items added earlier in the builder.

  • And finally select the assignee associated with the task.

You can continue to add task templates by clicking the Add Task Template button.

These tasks will be activated once the engagement has been accepted by all parties. Once created the task can be managed from the engagement list.

Once you have added all the information you are ready to either Save as a draft or Save and send.

Canopy Tip!

Off to the side you will see an Accept Proposal button. You have the option to accept the proposal for the client. This allows you to accept on behalf of the client canceling the ensignature request and automatically sets the engagement to active.

You can keep track of all your engagements by going to your engagement list. To get there click on a task in the global navigation bar, and click on engagement lists. Here you can see and filter all your engagements.

Client Acceptance

Your client will receive a secure link via email where they can open the proposed engagement.

First they will be able to review the services, review the terms and when they have finished reading every word they have the ability to sign and accept the engagement.

If you have enabled payments on your Canopy account your client will have the ability to add payment details and make their payment during this process as well!

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