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Generate Statements
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Statements help practitioners find out a client's balance owed on their outstanding invoices and all invoices. In this article, we'll show the process from a global viewpoint.

Generate Statements

1. Navigate to Billing and click Statements.


You'll see that the Statements page loads.


Canopy Tip: Access Statements from the client level by...

  • Navigating to the client record

  • Selecting the Billing tab

  • Choosing the Statements section


2. Type in and select a client name from the dropdown.


3. Choose to filter by all time or by a date range.


Choosing a date range allows you to select dates like:

  • This week

  • This month

  • Last month

  • Year to date

  • Last year

  • Custom

Don't forget to hit the Apply button!


4. Select a status to compile outstanding invoices or all invoices.


5. Click Generate to create the statement.


Once it loads, you'll see a preview of the statement with a few options:

  • Download

  • Print

  • Send to client


Sending to Clients: When you select Send to client, you'll get a little notification at the bottom of the screen showing that the statement was delivered to the client. The statement goes out to the default email on file and the client can view the attachment from inside their email!


6. Zoom in on the preview by pressing the Command key and scrolling with your mouse.

2024-04-19_13-19-09 (1).gif

7. Scroll to the bottom of the statement to see balances based on the filters you chose.


Good to Know: The statement headings are a plus for practitioners who want to print and send hard copies to clients. The statement formatting is based on a windowed #10 envelope, perfect for mailing.

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