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FAQ | Billing & Payments
Updated over a week ago

This section contains frequently asked questions regarding billing and payments.

Do clients have to be in the portal to make payments?

Clients can either click on the Quick Pay link within the invoice notification or, log in to their client portal to make a payment.

Additionally, Canopy users who sign up for payments under an Organization entity may enter payments on their client's behalf.

How long do payments take to be deposited into a user's bank account?

Generally, both credit card and ACH payments take 2 business days to be deposited into the user's account.

How do I know when my Canopy Payments application has been accepted?

Usually, you will know if the application has been accepted within a few seconds of completing the process. Generally, you can expect to receive an approval or denial within 1-2 business days. If any information is needed to approve your application, an email will be sent to you. There will also be an in-app notification to notify you of more information needed.

Will I have dues and assessment fees charged directly by card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.) on credit & debit card transactions?

Say goodbye to random charges from credit card companies! Dues and assessment fees are not charged when you sign up with the enhanced payment facilitator provider. With this provider, it will be a blended rate across the board.

If my client disputes a payment, how can I view the details?

Payments with a chargeback appear with a ‘disputed’ status in the payment receipts table of Canopy. You will receive an email from Canopy notifying you of the chargeback with a list of the documentation needed to dispute it.

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