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Save Filters on the Saved Time Table
Save Filters on the Saved Time Table
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To better navigate saved time, opt to create and save filters for data that you view on a regular basis. This helps to review time entries in a more efficient manner when you filter by contact, status, invoice #, task, service item, etc.!


Note: The Saved Time dashboard by default filters Status by Saved and Billed.

Save Filters on the Saved Time Table

1. Get started by clicking on Time and then Time Entries in the left sidebar.

2. Apply the desired filters that you would like to add.


3. Select Save filter.


4. Click on Save as new filter view.


5. Enter a title in the New filter view name text box.


6. Click Save.


7. Saved filter appears on the top of the Saved Time Table.


Customize Filters on the Saved Time Table

1. Click on the three stacked lines in the top left of the Saved Time table and select Customize filters.


2. Reorder filter views by simply clicking and dragging a line item up or down to the desired location.


3. Rename, Copy, or Delete a filter view by clicking on the three stacked dots within the desired title.

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