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Activate a Collections Case
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  • Activate a Collections Case


  • Collections cases are activated on a per-resolution case basis. Once you have activated a collections case for a form on a Resolution Case, you can continue to use as many forms as necessary within the Resolution Case. If you want to use forms for a separate Resolution Case, you will need to activate an additional collections case.

  • Only forms in the Collections folder require activation.

  • Legacy users are not required to activate collections cases.

Collections cases must be activated to be completed. Once activated, a collections case will count against your case allotment. You can purchase additional collections cases at any time in your Account Management settings. To activate a collections case, first, navigate to the Workspace of a relevant collections case Resolution Case in Canopy.

1. Click Forms on the Resolution Cases sidebar.


2. Open the Federal folder.


3. Open a relevant folder.

Practice Management Only users will only see the Administrative folders. Tax Resolution users can see all available folders.


4. Select a form.

5. Fill out all the necessary information for the form.

6. Click View Tax Form.


7. Click Activate Case.

  • If you do not have any remaining cases, a notice will pop up to prompt you to purchase more collection cases.

  • You cannot Save, Print, or Download collections forms until the collection case is activated.

  • You can see your remaining cases next to the Activate case button.


8. Click Proceed on the confirmation popup.

  • Once the case is activated you will be able to Save, Print, or Download the collections form.

  • Your Remaining cases balance will update to reflect the activated case.

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