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Navigate Billing in Canopy Mobile
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Within the Canopy mobile practitioner app, you can now view outstanding invoices, view a client's outstanding balance, resend an invoice, and see if a client has viewed an invoice.

Navigate Billing in Canopy Mobile

1. Navigate to a relevant client in the mobile app.


2. Tap on the Billing tab on the Client Record.

The client's outstanding balance is displayed at the top of the Billing tab.


3. Tap on a listed invoice to view it.


4. See if a client viewed an invoice in Recent History by tapping on an invoice.

  • Tap on View full history to see a complete list of history on the invoice.

  • You can also view history by tapping the three stacked dots on a listed invoice or long-pressing the invoice under the Billing tab and selecting View invoice history.


5. After tapping on an invoice, scroll down to see Invoice details.

  • Tap View full invoice to see a PDF of the invoice.

  • You can pinch and zoom on this page!

  • On this page, you can also tap the three stacked dots to Resend invoice or Share.

6. To resend an invoice, tap on a relevant invoice's in-line options menu or long-press the invoice.

  • Choose Resend invoice from the dropdown menu.

  • Tap the three stacked dots on the top right to resend an invoice from the details.

Note on Tags: Tags appear at the top of invoice details and on the invoice list. Tags listed can be:

  • Past Due

  • Paid

  • Partial

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