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Accept an Engagement on the Client Portal App
Accept an Engagement on the Client Portal App
Updated over a week ago

You can accept and sign proposals from your accountant in the Client Portal. Engagements are contracts that are sent for you to review services, terms, and payments for your accountant. Proposals show up on your To-do list with a paper and pen icon. Once accepted, you can find the signed Engagement in your Files tab.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

1. In the Client Portal app, tap the To-do tab.


2. Select the proposal.


3. Read through the services to be rendered and tap Next.


If applicable, scroll down more to see the Amount due now section.


4. Read through the Terms and select Next to continue.


5. On the Payment Info screen, review the Processing Fee Disclosure, Engagement total, and Payment amount.


6. Scroll down the page a bit more to pick your payment method.


From this section, you can edit, delete, or add another payment method.


7. Hit the Next button and Confirm the scheduled payment.

If you need to make more changes to the payment methods, you can drag down the payment confirmation window to hide it.


8. Enter your full name for it to populate in the signature field.

You can edit the font of your signature by tapping on the pencil icon in the signature field!


9. Check the box that you agree to be legally bound by signing and accepting this document and tap Accept.


After accepting, you'll be taken back to the To-do list of the app with a pop-up that says the engagement was accepted.


If additional signatures are needed from others, the message will say this instead:


You can tap to View from there or you can find the finalized and signed document at any time in your Files tab!


Once you accept and sign, a downloadable PDF of the approved engagement will be sent to your email to keep for your records.

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