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7. Engagements
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Time for an engagement!

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Now that you have all your client data in Canopy, it is time to dive into proposals and engagements! We want to make sure your relationship with client’s in Canopy is easy at every step and creating and sending engagement letters is a great way to start. Try it out yourself.

Create an Engagement

Creating engagement letters in Canopy has never been easier. With our engagement builder you can easily create and send a detailed letter to your clients via email or their client portal.

Create an engagement item template

Take your game to the next level by creating engagement item templates. These templates will save you so much time you will be looking for a new hobby!

Don’t forget to:

You have Questions. We have answers.

The Canopy Knowledge Base- This is the home for all of our product articles and how-to videos that will walk you step-by-step through just about anything you want to do in Canopy. You can search at the top of the page or explore each section.

Customer Support: If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Knowledge Base, you can reach our support team through our in-app messenger (click on your icon on the bottom of the global navigation bar and then click Chat with Support) or by calling 1-855-616-7305.

Watch out for the next email all about how to continue learning how to use Canopy like a pro. Or you can click here to start now!

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