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Assigning Tags
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In this video:

  • About Tags

  • Create Tags

  • Apply Tags

  • Filter with Tags

About Tags

Tags are customizable labels and easily the most versatile way to step up your game when it comes to organizing and tracking your clients. For example, you create tags to:

  • Bucket contacts based on service functions - like bookkeeping, payroll or financial planning specific services you are providing.

  • Help with efficient tax returns, like tracking clients from certain states or locations.

  • If you are an Admin, label clients according to which practitioner is the primary contact at your firm.

As you can see, tags are a powerful way to add customization to further streamline your firm.

And the best part is - You can create as many tags as you need!

Create Tags

To make tags:

  1. Click your profile pic or initials.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. On the left, look for and click Tags.

  4. Select Add New Tag.

Now, you’ll be able to create a label for your Tag. Using our examples from before, I’ll quickly create a couple for the services I’m providing - so financial planning, tax planning, bookkeeping, and payroll.

And then I’ll make some based on the practitioner.

Tags are added to the Tags table as you create them, followed by how many current clients have been tagged, and who created them.

Apply Tags

Once you have a couple of tags, you can apply them to new and existing contacts.

Tags for an Existing Contact

Let’s start by going to the Client List.

At the simplest level, you can click on a single client. On their record page, scroll to the bottom and look for Tags. This takes you to the Edit Client window. Scroll once again to the bottom of the window to find tags.

Click the space under Tags to pull up your list of Tags. You can select as many tags as you want for this client.

If you need to add a new tag on the fly, you can begin typing in the new tag in the text box, then click Enter to add the tag.

Click update once you’ve added all your tags. Now, when you view the client record, you’ll see they are tagged with that category.

Tags for Many Clients

You can also apply tags to a large subset of clients quickly in your client list. Head to the client list first.

Select the clients you want to apply tags to. After you do, the Bulk Actions menu appears where you can use the option Tag Clients. That was easy!

Tags for New Clients

This process is the same for when you create new clients too.

Let’s create a new client. At the bottom of the window, there is a spot for you to add tags at the get-go with a new client.

Select the space under Edit tags to pull your current list of tags and select the ones you want to apply to those clients you selected.

Filtering with Tags

Once you've applied a tag to your clients, you can quickly filter and view all clients with the same tag:

  1. Simply add a filter.

  2. Select Tags.

  3. Decide an operator to use.

  4. Click the tags to filter by.

One thing to keep in mind about the operators:

  • Is any of = captures any clients with the tags you selected, like it’s saying this OR that OR this

  • Is all of = captures all clients with all selected tags, like it's saying this AND that AND that.

Once you’ve got the tag filters the way you want them, you can make this more powerful by saving it as a Group - this way you can quickly view clients with tagging in the future.

Hit save and call it a name. Now you can reference this group in the future. This allows you to quickly send emails or reminders to this specific grouping of clients.

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