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Filter the Activity Log
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The Activity Log can be filtered according to Activity type, Item, Action taken, Action taken by, Date, or Client.

Filter the Activity Log

1. Click on your Profile on the global navigation bar and choose Activity Log from the pop-out menu.


2. To filter by Activity type, click Activity type.

  • Select any relevant Activity Types.

    • A green checkmark will appear next to each activity type.

  • Click Apply filter.

3. To filter by Item, click Item.

  • Select any relevant Items.

    • A green checkmark will appear next to each item.

  • Click Apply filter.

4. To filter by Action taken, click Action taken.

  • Select any relevant Actions.

    • A green checkmark will appear next to each action.

  • Click Apply filter.

5. To filter by team member, click Action taken by.

  • Select a relevant Team member.

    • A green checkmark will appear next to each team member.

  • Click Apply filter.

6. To filter by date, click Date.

  • If needed, select one of the pre-selected formatted date filters on the left.

  • Select a Start date and End date from the calendar.

  • Click Apply.

7. To filter by client, click Client.

  • Select any relevant Client.

    • A green checkmark appears next to each client name.

  • Click Apply filter.

8. To remove a filter, click the X in line with each column header.

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