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Navigate the Engagements List
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Canopy Engagements is one more way to simplify your life and enhance your experience. The Engagement list allows you to keep track of the status of each of your client engagements!

Navigating the Engagement List

  • Click on Tasks in the global navigation bar.

  • Select Engagements List.

Engagement List Tabs

Up at the top, you will see four different tabs.

  • Active: here you will see all engagements with the status of Active.

  • All Engagements: this includes all engagements including those that are drafts.

  • Awaiting Acceptance: this tab includes all engagements that have been sent to the client and are waiting for their approval or denial.

  • Proposals: this is where you can find all your drafted engagements.

Engagement List Headers

Each tab is organized the same and includes the same header.

  • Engagement name: You can click on the name and it will open up a window with the engagement details which you can review.

  • Client name: You can click on your client’s name and it will take you straight to their client record!

  • Service items: Shows all service items included.

  • Engagement items: Includes any engagement items included.

  • Assignees: Team members assigned to each engagement.

  • Status: Listed statuses include draft, awaiting acceptance, partially accepted, active, completed, and closed.

  • Start date and End date

  • Creation date

  • Acceptance date

Customizing the Engagement List

Each column allows you to resize the width. When you scroll over the intersection of two columns you will see your cursor change to two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Click down and you can make the column bigger or smaller.

You can also rearrange the columns. Simply click on a column header and drag it to the desired spot on the list.

Filtering the Engagement List

Once your list grows which we know it will, you may want to filter to view specific details.

To filter:

  • Click the arrow next to each header name

  • Select how you would like the items sorted, depending on the data this could be alphabetical or from oldest to newest.

  • Or, select the values from the list you would like to filter.

Canopy Tip!

To remove this filter you just go back to the dropdown menu next to the header name hit Clear and Apply!

Down at the bottom, you will notice you can choose how many engagements you want to see on the list at one time, as well as the ability to go to the next page as your list grows!

Finally, you may have noticed at the very top there is a blue button where you can create an engagement. When you click on it a separate window pops up where you can go through the steps to creating your next masterpiece.

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